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When Pusch comes to shove, the up-and-coming Peruvian producer will get dancefloors jumping with this Clarisse outing on the lookout for a ‘Freaky Baby’. The self-confessed provider of ‘naughty dance beats’ has the Lima native getting January off to a flying start, determined to make an impact from the first drop.


‘Freaky Baby’ is mean and moody: no toddler tantrum, but a jack-ready, tech-lined roller with bass you’ll want to jump the queue for: this controlled, aggression succeeds in locking onto the dancefloor and squeezing it like a vice for six and a half minutes. Busy, sub-continental vocal chatter pitched up and down is Pusch flipping the script – presumably the ‘Freaky Baby’ in question as it babbles and jabbers without inhibition - and a whirlpool of a breakdown capable of catching you dizzy, wrenches the track in another direction off its rock solid course.


Stylishly strong hype with added X factor with which Pusch powers through with; a 2024 sure thing.

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RELEASE DATE on the 23rd of February 2024
Check it out on Beatport or Spotify

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