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Five more cunning house essentials and club bubblers from Clarisse Records, in time for when summertime starts peeking over the horizon and suitcases get dusted down… 


First up is Karretero’s ‘Chamo’, inviting you to join one of Clarisse’s many deep bass merry-go-rounds and with catchy vocal hooks pushing you through to the next level. A perfect starting point for an evening’s festivities, the Madrid master does minimalism that’ll rock a monster soundsystem.   


Manu Medina’s ‘Lick Ma’ is all about the ear-shocking vocals that’ll twist your body into submission: one for the crowds getting down and dirty in the moment, as the beats roll out of Barcelona when that super-strength shot of liquor kicks in.


The calm after the storm comes from Rowhle & Luca Cucullo, whose declaration that ‘Mama Was Queen’ is a smooth and altogether more gentle club groove from Italy. With a garage-style skip and almost child-like innocence - the way the loops rotate faintly like a fairground ride - lyrically ‘Queen’ comes off as some thoughtful scientist explaining how to get the dancefloor ready. 


Belgrade must-check Un Padre has a spicy one on his hands with ‘Picante’. Percussion played with frisky fingers, with bounce and electronic nature at work, this one goes deeper back into the dry and sticky areas of the dancefloor, with a stream of thirsty lyrics briefly blasted by a cold echo of a breakdown.  


Vidaloca is back on the scene; having already reached the ‘Next Level’ with Clarisse, ‘One Night in Bucharest’ is the next target for the Barcelona star. A shadowy house rhythm full of technological rattles and sense of trying to stay one step ahead of those giving chase, everything comes together on an epic breakdown, completing another cool quintet.

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[Clarisse Records CR131]

RELEASE DATE on the 26th of June 2023
Check it out on Beatport or Spotify

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