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The ‘Drive’ EP puts its foot down and brings together Brazilian big-timers BeMore and Deeft. Pedro ‘BeMore’ Bellini and Samuel ‘Deeft’ Telles take their beats beyond the beach and have the followers and an ever increasing amount of European traffic to show for it, with Claude von Stroke, Chris Lake and Tim Baresko helping take their sound to all parts. Three tracks here and ‘Drive’ is destined to go to the distance.


The title track is an extremely stylish ride, opening with slithering clarinets and bringing in dusty horns – a double act acting shifty - as the track vibes to a Gallic-sounding backdrop from back when. Dropping a mix of vocals – gruff raps sounding like a street corner lookout, and persuasive divas with feathers in their hair taking you by the hand – ‘Drive’ is a goodtime groove with a mischievous edge for all terrains.


The meat in the sandwich is ‘Envolvidão’, wrapped in urgent Latin tongues hollering at one another across the dancefloor. Made to whip crowds up into a frenzy on the basis of shouting louder than anyone else, BeMore feeds the front row and far corners the sort of no-nonsense, deep and funky rhythms that Clarisse fans will eat up instantly. 


Making sure that the groove is in the heart and with some addictive G-funk whines in the mix, BeMore asks ‘What Is Love’ and gets the answer in the form of a third banger that goes slightly darker into the system. To the rhythm of a willowy bass step connecting perfectly with those low-rider licks intertwined with first lady art of seduction, it finishes an EP bound for house playlist pole position.

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RELEASE DATE on the 15th of September 2023
Check it out on Beatport or Spotify

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