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Seeing if you’ve got the appetite for three house tracks pitching zippy 4x4 beats against congested rhythms, algorithms with hiccups and computer data looped into a lather, UK producer Copasetic tells you to open wide and get ‘Greedy’. Notable for a previous contribution to Clarisse’s volume five compilation with the Lucas MB collaboration ‘Bible Killin’, Copasetic won’t leave clubbers going hungry, kicking it to a host of labels serving up his finest ingredients. 


The title track piles its plate high and fills the channels with automated grooves, vocals trapped in the commotion, and programmed bumps, shuffles and bufferings. Haphazard on the surface, Copasetic arming himself with a stash of carefully aimed spanners to throw into the works, ‘Greedy’ is essentially a funky deep houser buzzing about the place and coaxing you to get into the music by saying that if it can’t sit still, then neither should you.


Resist ‘Resist’?  Not with that slick bassline sliding across the dancefloor, getting windows wound down and loosening your limbs over six minutes. Soulful vocals are integrated into Copasetic’s canvas where the essentials are fractured and on full alert, while straight ahead beats maintain control and provide breathing space.


With a touch of Kid Crème funkiness to it, ‘Waste of Space’ shouldn’t be so harsh on itself, a third funky bop housing a hive of activity, characters involved in a dancefloor argument, and a feeling, which sums up the EP, of Copasetic being in charge of some sort of rhythm revolving door slash blender, turning awkward moments into melodic pirouettes, zigzags and overlaps. As Gordon Gekko may have once said, ‘Greedy is good”.

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[Clarisse Records CR120]

RELEASE DATE on the 08th of July 2022
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