“It sure has soul and it sure is authentic” – that’s all the verification you need when locking onto the groove of Greek guru Manolaco: pure perpetual motion when it comes to holding down residencies in his homeland, and whose pedigree is evident in working crowds shoulder to shoulder with Richie Hawtin and Sven Vath. On a mission to restore clubland’s health with a case of ‘Saxophobia’, GruuvElement’s joins the crusade, the UK producer with beats finding the boxes of Derrick May, Carl Cox and Steve Lawler, and whose Clarisse contribution at the end of last year made for ‘Essential’ listening alongside Cotoraci. The two tracks the duo oversee possess plenty of goings-on, but with beats that never swerve off course.


To start with, ‘Saxophobia’ is deep, agile yet mechanical house with a techno undercoat, a perfectly calculated chain reaction of angular events. Classy and clinical, the fever in question appears in concentrated doses, snatches of horns temporarily ditching the lab coat to bring a human touch to the pumping of pistons, as the track’s numerous variables are measured by the eagle-eared technicians to the millimetre.  


‘Empty Locker’ and its scratchy, scrabbling, frequency-seeking spasm of a rhythm, develops into a funky workout picking up a diva along the way, decorated with samba drum rolls and expansive fills testing out some teleportation techniques. Then peppered with a kazoo-like riff, Manolaco & GruuvElement’s get the dancefloor jerking for six and a half minutes on a hot tin roof, ‘Empty Locker’ becoming an itch you’ll scratch yourself raw to.

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[Clarisse Records CR119]

RELEASE DATE on the 10th of June 2022
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